Pastor Steve D. Watson

Pastor Steve Watson Pastor Watson is the Founder and Pastor of New Jerusalem Baptist Church in Greer SC. He has help to form several outreach ministries. Many of those ministries are still active today and some are now non-existence. But the focus that he carries is to always give each and every organization as much as he can of his personal attention and prayer. With the community in mind he has help to start and mentor groups such as Young People In Action, Brotherhood, Greer Community Youth Outreach Center, Home Placement ministries, Job Placement. Civic Work & Organization: Steve has served on many boards such as Greer Community Ministries (Volunteer food base ministry), a Board Member of Daily Bread Ministries (Soup Kitchen); and Project ADAM which is a program that teaches Alcohol and Drug Abuse awareness to children in the Greer Community. Steve has also served on the Advisory Board Member to the City of Greer Strategic Planning team, not to mention serving as Economic Development Committee Board member.

For a number of years Pastor Watson was a Board Member of City of Greer Reinvestment Corp. a corporation dedicated to providing the community of Greer with low to moderate income housing. As a member of the Minority Advisory Committee, Steve worked with Representative Bob Ingles on minority issues such as Welfare Reform, Medicaid, and Elderly Housing. After 15 years of being the Pastor of New Jerusalem Baptist Church Steve still currently serves on many boards such as The Greer Chamber, Chaplain for Greer High School Football Team, and a BMW Advisory Board Member, and Greenville Tech College Advisory Board member (Greer Campus).

Pastor Watson has served his faith and his community well and truly believes that Service to Humanity is The Best Work of Life. Steve devoted his life to the church at a young age and has worked hard to spread the word of God throughout the Greer and surrounding communities. Along with his ministry, Steve continues to be involved in the Greer Community. He continues to make his ministry, his family and the community of Greer his main focuses.